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This is your online store for college supplies and apparel so that you can start your college adventure off on the right foot. On this page you will find a large assortment of products, from laptops for college students under $500 to laptop backpacks, and you can also find graduation gifts and other gifts for college students.



The College Store, your online store for college supplies


It is a great challenge for a student to start his or her college journey, both on a personal and academic level. You are leaving the comfort of your parents’ home for the first time to start a new life in a new city, with new people.

At The College Store we make it easy for you, offering a selection of the best products to decorate your dorm room with style and make it your home away from home.


At The College Store we want to make your time in college as smooth as possible


Our mission goes beyond the store, since our passion is education. For this reason, at The College Store we also want to invest our time launching a blog, where we offer you the best tips for college.

In our blog section you will find articles in Spanish about how to get academic scholarships and grants, how to prepare your application for admission to the best universities and colleges, among many other important subjects.

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